So, as I said previously, I went to Google Zurich last Thursday. It was really fun, I indeed met a cool bunch of people and GSoC colleagues. It was really interesting to discuss with Petr (gda2tiles), Peter (Mercurial mentor), Arthur (aptitude-gtk) and the physicist guy whose name I forgot (so sorry :P ). By the way, thanks a ton to him for the laptop lend ;) .

My presentation went smoothly and people seemed interested (you can't really tell for sure :) ). At least it sparkled some interesting questions. If you want the slides here they are : ParallelFx presentation. The other talks were both diverse and interesting too.

Of course, Google in itself was a blast. Unfortunately I had to catch the train so I wasn't able to visit the whole building like the others but, even with the short glimpse I had, I'm pretty sure it must be fun to work at Google ;) . Still, I managed to retrieve a nice-looking Google tee-shirt. It's rather funny to see that GSoC is the way to go if you want to freshen up your clothes stock ;) .