Now that Summer of Code deadline is getting nearer, it's a good time to give a try to ParallelFx. For that purpose I just issued updated test packages @ Among them you will find stuff I already showed here like the raytracer, sudoku, or image colorizer.

Each of these package contains the most recent version of the System.Threading assembly (so no need to compile yourself trunk) and a README file explaining succinctly what the program do and how to launch it. In addition, feel free to test the library against other existing code making use of ParallelFx.

If you encounter any bug or bad performance, please send me an email at jeremie [DOT] laval [AT] gmail [DOT] com with your processor info (for Linux users the content of /proc/cpuinfo will do the trick), description of the problem and debug stack trace/reproducible test case (if any). Also, try to make the mail's subject self-explanatory by adding a [Pfx] tag for example. I will triage them when I get back from holidays.

Happy testing :-) .