Finally after months of postponing the 0.4 release of D-Bus Explorer I managed to get it out as a Christmas/New Year present :-) . For the impatient you will find download link at the usual place.

For those who doesn't know what D-Bus Explorer is, it's a little tool I wrote up a long time ago which allows to browse D-Bus bus services and services' API. It's similar in concept to dbus-viewer or DFeet with extra feature which make it sweet when you work with C# and Managed D-Bus.

For instance when you want to know the signature of a method/event/property it's both shown with D-Bus own syntax and C# syntax. In this release this mechanism is extensible to other language though only C# is provided at the moment.


Coming to this release is also a C# generator which will create the necessary interface definition for use with Managed D-Bus. Simply right-click on the path / interface you want to use in your program and save it somewhere. Again this is extensible to other language.


In other news, the interface is now fully tabbed to let you browse different API at the same time.


Happy D-Bus hacking !