Thanks to the change of school semester at my school, I'm going to have a break in February of almost 4 weeks during which we are supposed to participate to some activities chosen among a list.

The cool thing is that I managed to make "contributing to Mono" one of those activities. Thus, I will have 4 weeks to work on Mono and integrating SoC's ParallelFx work into the mainline tree with the blessing of my school. Yay :-) !


There are also a bunch of other nice things I will be able to do this February. Going to FOSDEM is one of those (I took the train tickets this afternoon) which mean I can now wear the pretty badge too :

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Unless we have trains problems on the way, we should be there for the Fosdem's Beer Event too, so if you want to discuss Mono, ParallelFx or whatever around an (excellent) Belgian beer be sure to come by ;-) .


Finally, I was qualified to go into the semi-finals of Prologin, the French algorithmic contest for young people, this year again. It will be a good occasion to see old faces.

For the first time there are also proposing C# as a qualification language. Hopefully, it will mean no on-the-fly C++ learning for me this time :-) .