FOSDEM crowd

After 2 days of sparse sleep, beer events and running everywhere trying to see as much conferences as possible (when are we going to get cloning facility for that sort of thing ?) it was already time to pack all the bought goodies and take the train back to France.

Overall, as a first time, I must say FOSDEM was fantastic. Congrats to the organization people as I'm sure it must give headaches to run something of this scale.

Talks were all interesting and we got to socialize with really nice people. What a shame we were so tight on schedule that we had to leave before the end on Sunday (which mean we didn't see Leslie GSoC talk, *snif*).

Funnily, when at first Manuel and I thought we were going to be the only ones of our school present at the event, in the end we : slept at a past student's place, met a bunch more at the beer event and even found conferences given by UTBM folks (including one of our teacher). The world sure is small.

I also finally met super Andreia (Winforms fame) and super Alp (Managed D-Bus fame, btw spread the hype) though rather quickly unfortunately (a food/drink/hack session next time folks ?).

Since I'm probably one of the worst photographer ever, you can take a look at Manuel's photo stream for the usual pretty pixel set (Reflex aren't only for showing off apparently ;-) ).