After fighting a bit with Gtk# widget styling and MonoDevelop tarball deployment, here is a new Zencomic.


Zencomic is the comic strip-driven productivity enhancer that periodically makes your day funnier by showing comic like Dilbert or XKCD in a bubble.

What's new aka The Cool Stuff (tm)

New, window-based, popup

Tired of having some comic showing far too small ? This is for you !

Now, if you go to the preference dialog, you will be able to switch to a window-based popup which shows your comics in all their greatness at the expense of taking more window space and making your boss, who was incidentally passing by, angry at you (in that case, a quick click on the popup will close it).


Can I haz lolcats ?

Lolcat greatness is here with the addition of a new addin :


The remaining

  • For the Gnome Do junkie, Zencomic now correctly comes with a .desktop file so that you can launch it from there
  • Made the preference dialog show in a little saner way i.e. by coming up directly at the front (which apparently wasn't the case with some WM).
  • The traditional round of bugfixes (should you still spot one don't hesitate to manifest in the comments)


Tarball :

If by any chance you feel this is an application that should come in your distribution, don't hesitate to contribute some packages ;-) .