Mono room


So if you weren't aware of it yet, Mono is going to have its own dedicated room at FOSDEM. In order to spread Mono awesomeness, submit talks here before the 20th. You can even decide yourself how much time you are going to use so don't hesitate to speak about a cool software you are working on, a nice hack you have done or a how-to on a library for instance.

Mono Hackaday


As a side event, there will also be a Mono Hackaday the day after FOSDEM, i.e. Monday 8th, at Hacker Space Brussels (HSB) with all the vital hacker facilities (location details here). Everyone is welcome to drop by from 10am to 19pm. There is no precise goal for the hackaday, it's just enjoying your normal and random hacking with other Mono fellows.


Anyway, in all case :

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

See you there (and bring your Rupert too) !