I'm proud to announce the next release of Zencomic, the comic strip-driven productivity enhancer that periodically makes your day funnier by showing comic like Dilbert or XKCD in a bubble.

New stuff

This release packs a fair number of internal change, UI polishing and a good deal of new comic providers for your pleasure.

Comic backends

Among comic newcomers, you will find Trollcats joining their lolz counterparts and the duo Garfield and Garfield Minus Garfield (contributed by Alan Mc Govern) for even more fluffy fun (or not).

Welcome to the laziest cat on Earth

Cosmetic changes

In Window mode, the comic are now correctly resized to take reasonable space on your screen. A link to the original strip is also supplied at the bottom of the window. The preferences panel has been overhauled to be less cluttered and provide direct management of comic addins in the UI. It's also now hopefully completely WM proof when it comes to showing up focused.

Loaded addins configuration


  • Comic are shuffled randomly and served in a round-robin fashion to avoid duplicate fun
  • Zencomic haz a new icon
  • Repository has been autotool-ified so that you can directly and easily build from git master
  • Refactorised addin code

New icon with my poor artistic foo


Tarball: http://neteril.org/projects/zencomic/zencomic-0.3.tar.gz Git repository: http://git.neteril.org/zencomic/