Over the last weeks, a little group of developers has been working on an updated version of the DBus C# binding initially written by Alp Toker over at NDesk.

Initial efforts have been devoted to integrate patches that had been lying around for some time but never actually got released in a proper way causing some projects to bundle a modified ndesk-dbus source tree in their codebase.

As part of the fork process, we have moved all the relevant project infrastructure over to GitHub including source code, website, tarball downloads and bug tracking.

As stated in the release notes, all the dbus-sharp component are parallel installable with the original ndesk-dbus ones and can co-exist happily. In addition, we made sure the porting effort required to move an existing application to use dbus-sharp instead of ndesk-dbus was reduced to a minimum.

For future work, we are going to continue cleaning and refactoring the binding, improve its test suite and of course add new features so stay tuned!

You can directly jump to the release notes for all the details on how to get dbus-sharp and how to use it.