Moyeu is an Android application that hopes to provide a better alternative to Boston’s Hubway bike sharing system. You can view the introductory post I made at the time.

This new version sports a good number of new features and general UI refresh.

For starter, the navigation is now exposed as a drawer that also lets you visualize stations that are near you.

Instead of the old info window style, information about a station are presented with a sliding info view in the same fashion than the new Google Maps application. That info view when expanded also shows you a Google Street View shot of the station surroundings for easier pinpointing.

The pins displayed on the map are also now showing the number of bikes available at each station. They also have a better tinting system to provide a direct feedback on each station bike availability.

Just for fun, I also made a little featurette page for the app. Check it out at

For installation, head to the usual corner of the web:

Get it on Google Play