Today is Ada Lovelace day, a special occasion to recognize women in our community. I want to take this opportunity to also highlight someone exceptional I have known for a while.

Her name is Andrea Magnorsky.

Andrea Magnorsky

Andrea is an Irish .NET programmer. She’s currently following one of her passion – game development – and is closing production with her studio Digital Furnace (ex-BatCat) on their next title Onikira.

To say that Andrea is a community person is an understatement. In the span of a few years she has not only created popular event/group like Global Gamecraft (game jam contest) or Dublin ALT.NET but she is also continously looking for new ways to teach people through numerous talks and meetups like Functional Kats.

She is curious of everything and always avid to learn. These days you can see her sailing along with F# and functional programming for instance.

It’s no surprise that she was recognized several times in Ireland as a top person in her field. Microsoft also recently awarded her an MVP award.

It’s thanks to people like Andrea that I’m happy to be part of the community that is software development.


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