• MfA tricks #4 - A Youtube-style like bar

    To represent the two antagonist “like” and “dislike” values, YouTube uses an elegant solution with a bar that is filled depending on both values:

  • MfA tricks #3 - InsetTextView

    Inset is a pretty useful effect especially on text. Since your letters seems incrustated in the screen, the text is less prominent than a normal one making it perfect for secondary UI elements.

  • MfA tricks #2 - 2-fingers expandable layout

    With Jelly Bean, the Android notification subsystem got significantly revamped. Among the new feature, notification can be presented in two modes, collapsed/expanded.

  • MfA tricks #1 - FadeImageView

    I’m going to do a little serie of smaller tricks I recently came across when doing Mono for Android development.

  • Memory-efficient Bitmap caching with Mono for Android

    Although phones these days have more memory than your last year laptop, mobile development is still a memory contrived environment.