• MfA tricks #5 - Using Shape for theming

    Android supports all sort of drawable (Bitmap like PNG or JPG being only one of them). The one we are going to talk about today is so-called Shape drawable.

  • MfA tricks #4 - A Youtube-style like bar

    To represent the two antagonist “like” and “dislike” values, YouTube uses an elegant solution with a bar that is filled depending on both values:

  • MfA tricks #3 - InsetTextView

    Inset is a pretty useful effect especially on text. Since your letters seems incrustated in the screen, the text is less prominent than a normal one making it perfect for secondary UI elements.

  • MfA tricks #2 - 2-fingers expandable layout

    With Jelly Bean, the Android notification subsystem got significantly revamped. Among the new feature, notification can be presented in two modes, collapsed/expanded.

  • MfA tricks #1 - FadeImageView

    I’m going to do a little serie of smaller tricks I recently came across when doing Mono for Android development.