• SVG with Mono for Android

    One of the aspect of Android development is that your application ultimately run on a plethora of different devices.

  • Using the new Google Maps with Mono for Android

    EDIT 2013-03-21 > This article has generally been supersed by the following sample: MapsAndLocationDemo_v2

  • A better MonoMac privilege elevation

    Back in my article on Macdoc, I described a way to use the Authorization APIs to execute privileged operations from an otherwise perfectly classic user-level application.

  • Writing scripts with C#

    Unix was conceived as a file-oriented system where any task could be carried out by assembling a set of smaller tools. Having a proper shell language also meant that we had a somewhat real tool to write scripts with.

  • TPL tricks

    The Task Parallel Library is a tricky piece of software and occasionally it exhibits a behavior that is not expected.