• Transitioning to Infinity

    I remember clearly when I sat down at I/O this year, watching the introduction of Material design in the keynote unfold and how, at the time, I told myself there was no way we could implement all of this in Android.

  • Animating to Infinity

    In my previous post, I covered the basics of a new type of Android drawable introduced in Lollipop for scalable graphics.

  • Scaling to Infinity

    When I make an app, I spend my time between two worlds.

  • Ada Lovelace Day 2014

    Today is Ada Lovelace day, a special occasion to recognize women in our community. I want to take this opportunity to also highlight someone exceptional I have known for a while.

  • A Tale of Connected Dots

    This past week, we organized Evolve 2014 in Atlanta to talk about all things mobile with Xamarin.