• Bikr, delicious ride tracker

    Today I’m introducing Bikr, a new Android application to track your bicycle rides.

  • Using Parallax for Fun And Profit

    The idea of a parallax is to give the illusion of depth thanks to targets seemingly moving at a different pace. You have probably already noticed the effect in real life when riding on a straight line e.g. staring at individual scenery items from a train window.

  • Android tip: ViewPager with protruding children

    ViewPager is a widget part of the Support package that lets you display an horizontal list of “page”. In a nutshell, it’s to HorizontalScrollView what a ListView is to a vertical ScrollView.

  • FrameLayout, your best UI friend

    You have probably already used FrameLayout (doc) for what it’s named, adding a decoration around other content element. It can actually be much more than that and is probably one of the most versatile container of all.

  • XamSvg, managed SVG support for Android

    As part of the new release of Moyeu, I’m also finally publishing a library that I have been using for some time.