• Build Your Own Continuous Integration Pole

    If you live in Boston and happen to walk around the Commons when evening falls, you may have noticed a strange glow coming from the top of one the building along the park:

  • Scrolling-based effects in Android UI

    Scrolling is a central behavior of a lot of common elements in Android UIs with widgets like ScrollView, ViewPager or ListView.

  • Bikr, the fun UI parts

    A couple of days ago, I released Bikr my new Android app to effortlessly track your bicycle rides.

  • Bikr, delicious ride tracker

    Today I’m introducing Bikr, a new Android application to track your bicycle rides.

  • Using Parallax for Fun And Profit

    The idea of a parallax is to give the illusion of depth thanks to targets seemingly moving at a different pace. You have probably already noticed the effect in real life when riding on a straight line e.g. staring at individual scenery items from a train window.