• February previsions


  • DBus Explorer 0.4 Christmas release

    Finally after months of postponing the 0.4 release of D-Bus Explorer I managed to get it out as a Christmas/New Year present :-) . For the impatient you will find download link at the usual place.

  • Capharnaum #6

    What's happening since last time.

  • C#4, .NET 4 and concurrency

    ParallelFx has been around for quite a long time now (first CTP was released on December, 2007). Up until now it was a separate library, labeled as an extension and thus bundled in its own assembly. However, today, ParallelFx developers announced on their blog that the final ParallelFx version should be available as an official part of the upcoming .NET 4 framework.

  • Busy

    Life is pretty hectic these days with the start of a new school semester and the assorted things like seeing back friends, integrating the new students and resuming work in student clubs.