• Call for ParallelFx test

    Now that Summer of Code deadline is getting nearer, it's a good time to give a try to ParallelFx. For that purpose I just issued updated test packages @ http://netherilshade.free.fr/mono/parallelfx/. Among them you will find stuff I already showed here like the raytracer, sudoku, or image colorizer.

  • Funny parallelism

    For those who have some free leisure time this weekend and would like to explore a bit ParallelFx in a didactic manner I ported to Linux a Sudoku game coming from ParallelFx CTP samples which optionally uses ParallelFx to generate Sudoku grids.

  • LINQ Raytracer but with a P twist

    Following Marek's announcement about Mono's compiler getting full C# 3.0 support and his proof-of-concept which is none other than Luke Hoban LINQ-ified Ray tracer, I'm happy to say that by using Mono's PLINQ and with as little modifications as this:

  • Current PLinq : mixed results

    As described in the roadmap, PLinq implementation work has started a week ago. Some good bits are already there like what I consider to be the 3 most important operators (because most of the others can be expressed using these ones) : Select, Where and Aggregate. Following is a discussion on the specificities of PLinq, difficulties they raise and, at the end, some examples/benchmarks.

  • (Late) Zurich followup

    So, as I said previously, I went to Google Zurich last Thursday. It was really fun, I indeed met a cool bunch of people and GSoC colleagues. It was really interesting to discuss with Petr (gda2tiles), Peter (Mercurial mentor), Arthur (aptitude-gtk) and the physicist guy whose name I forgot (so sorry :P ). By the way, thanks a ton to him for the laptop lend ;) .