• (Late) Zurich followup

    So, as I said previously, I went to Google Zurich last Thursday. It was really fun, I indeed met a cool bunch of people and GSoC colleagues. It was really interesting to discuss with Petr (gda2tiles), Peter (Mercurial mentor), Arthur (aptitude-gtk) and the physicist guy whose name I forgot (so sorry :P ). By the way, thanks a ton to him for the laptop lend ;) .

  • Hello Monologue

    After much RSS problems (and there are still some in fact), I'm now on Monologue. Thanks to Miguel and Michael for adding me :) .

  • More parallel benchmarking

    This weekend I played with the Microsoft ParallelFx CTP's samples, adapting and running them on current Mono ParallelFx implementation. I'm going to show you two of them and the results. I used the same computer than previously for running the samples.

  • ParallelFX @ Zurich

    Tomorrow I will attend GSoC Jam at Google office in Zurich. Looking forward to meet a cool bunch of people :) .

  • Parallel goodness

    I think I pretty much arrived to the point where my work is starting to get useful. With yesterday basic Tasks implementation and today Parallel.For work I was able to run a parallelized version of Luke's C# RayTracer. There was already a version using ParallelFx in the CTP samples but I preferred to made my custom, simpler one :